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KHARIS SOLUTIONS is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective clinical and healthcare Staff. 


Help support the world's greatest Healthcare Organisation. we are committed to helping the NHS to reach its full potential. 

join our organisation to connect  to our mission and commit to our vision.

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 
09:00 am to 5pm
  Saturday/Sunday: closed

    Out of Office Hours

On call: 01753574183
              Clinical Support worker
              Clinical Support Worker Higher Level.
              Associate Practitioner/ nursery nurse.
              Registered General Nurse.
              Nurse( Mental Health).
              Nurse Specialist.
Nursing and Midwifery generic: 
              Practice Education facilitator
              Clinical Researcher. 
              Practice Education Facilitator 
              Clinical Researcher Specialist. 
               Home Carer 
               Home Carer Higher Level.
               Home Care Organiser( Client) 
               Home Care Organiser Staff. 
               Care coordinator. 
                           Social Worker:
                Social Care Team Manager

                Social Work Entry Level

                Rehabilitation Worker

                Social Worker

                Social Work Team Manager

                Social Worker Specialist

                Social Work Locality/Service                                     Manager

                Social Care Programme Manager /                          Assistant Director Social Services

                   Dental Nurse:
                         Dental Nurse Specialist.
                        Dental Nurse Team Manager.
                        Dental Nurse Tutor.
                  Health Visitor:
                         Health visitor 
                        Health Visitor Specialist
                        Health Visitor Team Manager. 
                  NHS Direct:
                          Nurse Specialist ( NHS Direct) 
                          Nurse team Manager ( NHS Direct)
Residential and Day care:
                           Care Assistant 
                           Driver with caring duty
                           Residential carer. 
                           Day centre carer. 

                           Residential Carer 

                           Day Centre Carer 

                           Social Work Assistant Practitioner                                                           (Residential)

                            Day Centre Carer (Higher                                              Level/Team Leader)

                            Residential Carer Team Leader

                            Social Work Residential 

                             Day Centre Manager

                             Social Care Team Manager                                                      (Adult Residential)


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