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Supported living is a service designed to help individuals with a wide range of support needs retain their independence by being supported in their own home. People in supported living have their own tenancy and are responsible for their own bills and cost of living.

To be able to afford these, you may be entitled to a wide range of benefits and grants.

Supported living allows you to live independently and have control over how and when you receive support.

The type of support you receive is controlled by you. From help with personal care needs and managing finances, to finding education, work or leisure activities you will be the one making the decision, We provide support 24 hrs a day, tailored to your need.

Kharis offer permanent residence or provide care for a temporary period until the supported person is able to move to a more suitable  accommodation to meet their needs.

Our supported living schemes are designed for people with learning disabilities and autism.

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Kharis Solutions nurse

AT KHARIS SOLUTIONS WE give support to people with learning disabilities and autism to live safely and cheerfully

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